Increase your value and competitive advantage with LifeHub's work/life balance tools.

LifeHub's online content portal makes it easy for your members or employees to access the tools, information and training they need for physical health, emotional health, career advancement and work life balance. On LifeHub you will find a comprehensive Health Risk Appraisal, a wide variety of specific health and behavioral assessments, child and elder care search engines, and tools that include a comprehensive food database, BMI calculator, and personalized goal tracker to help employees eat well, exercise, sleep well, reduce stress and find happiness.

Please click the screens below to tour and learn more about LifeHub: the types of content you will find; how our customization and branding works; more about our Learning Pathways, Goal Setting program, and Nutrition Database; and more about our Health Risk Assessment.


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LifeHub provides content in 17 major content domains with over 100 specific topics to ensure coverage of today's most important and pressing issues. Your clients and employees will have access to valuable information on a wide range of topics in a variety of content formats.


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LifeHub is completely customizable to keep your organization's brand in front of your members or employees, on their desk tops with useful tools and information. We include branding with your logo and information in all of our offerings.


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As an integral part of the continuum of developmental resources, LifeHub offers online, self-guided training programs that can integrate with a company's existing health, safety and wellness training programs. These important tools increase employee participation and augment traditional work/life and EAP services.


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Setting and achieving goals is a proven factor in driving healthy behavior change, and LifeHub has built-in tools for encouraging and assisting employees to do just that. Helping employees take those next steps from knowledge to action in all areas of life is what makes LifeHub different and better.


Tour of Nutrition Database

Make Healthier Food Choices with LifeHub's Food Search Database Diets alone are temporary, and studies show these are contributing to continuing weight gain and the obesity epidemic. To help employees lose weight and keep it off, you have to give them the tools they need to make adjustments to their lifestyles.


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LifeHub's Health Risk Assessment gives you the knowledge you need to reduce health care costs and improve employee health and productivity. Evidence suggests that 50% to 70% of all diseases are associated with modifiable health risks and are potentially preventable. That is why assessing health risks on both an individual and company-wide level makes sense and cents.