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Diets alone are temporary, and studies show these are contributing to continuing weight gain and the obesity epidemic. To help employees lose weight and keep it off, you have to give them the tools they need to make adjustments to their lifestyles. With over 244,000 different foods, including many restaurant items, LifeHub's easy to use Food Search tool can help people compare options and make better choices.

Reporting:The assessment yields both an individual report that employees can use to assess their opportunities for improvement and decide on what goals they need to set, as well as track their progress over time, and an aggregate report where employers can learn about the health risks of their employee population.

Individual: The individual report is the first step (Assess) to help employees identify one or more specific stress, health and lifestyle goals they can plan, implement and evaluate to enhance overall health and well-being. The LifeHub risk appraisal report can be a valuable tool along with the LifeHub Learning Pathways to design a personal stress and wellness plan. It will show employees the most current results from the LifeHub risk appraisal and compare it to earlier times that they have taken it for a way to track and monitor progress to a healthier life.

Aggregate: The LifeHub risk appraisal group summary/organizational report is intended to provide employers with a confidential summary of the physical health, emotional well-being and specific lifestyle practices for employees in their company.

This report provides important information for future planning of employee wellness and health promotion interventions that can have tremendous cost savings and return on investment based on reducing medical insurance, stress disability claims, absenteeism, accidents and increasing engagement, retention and productivity of your talent.

The LifeHub Health Risk Appraisal uses easy to understand questions to collect confidential information about the individual taking the assessment.
Page one of the individual report provides the employee with a brief overview of the HRA and how to interpret the information.
The Overall Health Summary provides a graphical overview of the participant’s current health and well being. It also shows progress over time as each time the participant takes the assessment it will add another line and record the date.
The LifeHub HRA gives users a summary of their own answers compared to targets for each behavior to assist in goal setting.
The Aggregate Report gives the employer an overview of medical health risks:
And Lifestyle Practices: