Learning Pathways

As an integral part of the continuum of developmental resources, LifeHub offers online, self-guided training programs that can integrate with a company's existing health, safety and wellness training programs. These important tools increase employee participation and augment traditional work/life and EAP services.

LifeHub’s learning pathways provide easy to use, just in time training for employees and their family members including:

  • How to Change
  • Stay Quit to Stop Smoking
  • Manage Anger to Manage Stress
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Learn to Relax
  • Self-Care for Depression
  • Self-Care for Anxiety
  • Pathway to Emotional Resilience
  • Building Relationships at Work
  • Improving Personal Relationships
  • How to Talk to your Kids about Drugs
  • Pathway to Nutrition
  • Pathway to Exercise
  • The Stress of Time Pressure
  • Facts about Sexual Harrassment
  • Pathway to Self Confidence
  • Career Development - Improve your Listening Skills
  • Career Development - Learn to Build Rapport
  • Intro to Six Sigma
  • Supervisory Referral Training
  • Foundations for Performance
  • Learning to Delegate
  • Leadership Coach

LifeHub’s Learning Pathways start with Welcome page that tells user what to expect in the pathway.
Most learning pathways include brief self-tests with immediate feedback to test knowledge or help the user assess their current status.
LifeHub learning pathways are designed using research on how people change and the stages they go through. In the exercise pathway for example, excuse busting is used to help people progress from one stage of readiness for change in to the next:
Practical training such as teaching managers and supervisors about making EAP referrals is included: