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LifeHub provides content in 17 major content domains with over 100 specific topics to ensure coverage of today's most important and pressing issues. Your clients and employees will have access to valuable information on a wide range of topics in a variety of content formats including:

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LifeHub offers a wealth of information in a broad range of content areas. These include:

Stress - Of the 34% of unscheduled absences for "personal illness", 13% is stress related. Give employees the tools they need to handle life's stresses effectively.

Health, Exercise and Nutrition - Behavior/Lifestyle accounts for more than genetics, environment or even medical care when it comes to determining an individual's health status. We provide tools to improve health and fitness including a body mass calculator, Health Risk Appraisal, ideas for healthier eating habits, how to include exercise in everyday life and more.

Sleep - Sleep disorders is one of the top three causes of lost work time. Insomnia is such a problem for so many, LifeHub has devoted an entire area to helping people get better sleep.

Happiness & Spirituality - Life is not just about problems. Enhance employee happiness and satisfaction and increase employee loyalty and productivity.

Infants and Children - Meet the needs of working parents through LifeHub's Child Care Search engine, Ask-the-Expert portlet, and featured articles and links.

ADHD - Over 9 million adults in North America suffer from symptoms of ADHD. Your clients and employees will find information, assessments and resources for adults and children with ADHD.

Relationships & Personal Finance - 92% of workers surveyed said that personal problems spill over in to work, decreasing productivity. LifeHub includes training on improving relationships and information and resources to help employees improve their personal financial situations.

Career Management & Leadership - Information and training to help employees manage and advance in their careers increases employee loyalty and morale.

Addictions, Depression and Anxiety - Depression and anxiety are among the top 5 reasons for absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace. Drug and alcohol abuse costs millions in accidents and lost productivity. 87% of employees report they work harder when employers help with personal problems.

ElderCare - A USA TODAY/ABC News/Gallup Poll of baby boomers finds that 41% who have a living parent are providing care for them — either financial help, personal care or both — and 8% of boomers say their parents have moved in with them. LifeHub provides an elder care search engine, information and resources to help employees who are caring for elder relatives.


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